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Graffiti cleaning in Manchester

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We can clean all stubborn graffiti in Manchester

We use specialist hot and cold high-pressure washing graffiti removal equipment and environmentally friendly biodegradable graffiti removal chemicals. This enables us to remove graffiti from all types of porous or non-porous surfaces without damaging the underlying facade. 

Unique Exterior Cleaning offers a graffiti removal service across Manchester, Cheshire and Lancashire and can also apply anti-graffiti coatings to help prevent further damage to your building. We can remove graffiti from brick, stone, metal, plastic, glass and wood.   

Graffiti can be a real nightmare to clean, especially if it is on your walls or pavement. It can make the exterior of your building look unattractive and unprofessional to potential customers. It’s important to have it removed as quickly as possible as if left, it can mean more graffiti is added.   

If you have been the victim of a graffiti attack, it’s important to act quickly and seek professional help. Trying to tackle the graffiti yourself may seem like a viable option, but this is likely to lead to further damage. The damage may include Shadowing, a dark shadow around the graffiti, edging, a burn-like stain on the surface or pressure washing damages such as peeling or holes in the surface. 


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Don’t let a graffiti attack deter potential customers. First impressions are crucial which is why your building should look clean and spotless at all times. If your shop front or office entrance is covered in graffiti, customers may presume that your company has little concern for its public image. This may prevent them from shopping in your store or entering your office space.   

From a residential point of view, graffiti creates an unappealing sight for those living in or visiting the area. Graffiti can quickly take over a community and what may seem like a one-off can soon wreak havoc for residents.    

If you’re struggling with repeated graffiti attacks, we also offer an anti-graffiti solution to prevent further attacks from staining your building. One simple layer creates a paint-resistant coating, making it easy to wipe away the paint. 

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