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We have years of experience cleaning render in Manchester

Over 900 reviews on CheckATrade, contact us today for any external cleaning job in Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire

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We have over 10 years experience cleaning render in Manchester

Unique Exterior Cleaning has moved with the times to offer K-rend and render cleaning throughout Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire. 

There are two types of render on most buildings and houses; these are k-rend and Monocouche render. Unique Exterior Cleaning uses a cleaning method that does not require pressure washing. Hence, no harm is caused to the render but cleans the surface using a specialist anti-fungal wash that will remove lichen, algae, moss and pollution from all rendered surfaces. We offer this service on commercial and domestic buildings.   

Weather, pollution and other environmental factors can cause significant damage to a building’s rendered surfaces. Moss growth, algae and pollution can cause serious damage to rendered buildings if left untreated. Our skilled team of professionals will expertly rejuvenate your building’s exterior, leaving it clean and damage-free. We use a technique known as soft washing to leave your render looking clean and like new. So if your render has seen better days, contact us today for a quote!


We can make your render look like new

Newly rendered buildings certainly look attractive at first, but, over time, the render becomes dull as pollutants such as traffic pollution, moss and algae take hold, leaving your building stained, dirty and tired. Our cleaning process can reverse this ageing with safe and highly effective techniques, using the latest tools and procedures to gently remove dirt and build-up to rejuvenate your building without damaging it or the surface finishes in any way.   

Painting over dirty render may temporarily improve its appearance, but after a short time, the dirt, staining, moss, lichen and mould, in particular, will continue to build up and will work their way through the paint; causing it to blister and flake away and creating a never-ending job. If you intend to paint your render, it’s always best to have it cleaned properly first, even if it doesn’t look very dirty to the eye. It’s important to bear in mind that the painting process can seal moisture into the render and prevent it from breathing. This can cause the render itself to fail and come away from the building.

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