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Tennis Court cleaning in Manchester

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Our cleaning services will have your tennis court looking like new

The most important thing about tennis court cleaning is the safety of its users. Tennis courts, especially those surrounded by trees and bushes are prone to moss, algae and leaf debris which can leave the court slippery and dangerous for players. This can be easily avoided by regular cleaning and maintenance. 

A well-maintained court that’s free from debris and kept clean will have much more longevity and have a greater time before resurfacing or painting is required. Keeping the court clean and clear allows for natural drainage whereas poor drainage could result in freezing during winter which causes cracks and damage, therefore reducing the life of the surface. In the long term, a well-maintained court will save you money. 

Whether you need a one-off tennis court clean to remove surface debris and improve the appearance and safety or a deep clean removing all moss and debris from a court that hasn’t had much attention in recent years, then we can help to get your tennis court looking as good as the day it was installed. 


We can regularly clean your tennis court throughout the year

Our specialist cleaning operatives, with their specialist equipment and modern methods, will produce incredible results in the overall aesthetic and safety aspects such as increased grip, reducing the chances of accidents. Regular cleaning will also prevent weeds, moss and algae and improve drainage.   

Moss can thrive on artificial grass just as well as it can on natural grass. Its growth is often an indication of a deep-rooted problem in the court. Killing the moss is just the beginning of the solution. A longer-term resolution is to remove its favoured environment. Moss will tend to appear and grow where artificial grass has become dirty or where sand has clogged up the voids, giving moss the perfect base to grow from.    

When we clean a court, we remove the surface debris and clear out the blocked voids. Our cleaning will restore the porosity and prevent the court surface from disintegrating with winter frost.    

Synthetic grass tennis courts can be kept moss and debris free by brushing every month; however, a properly cleaned court is clean, safe and will deter further moss and other organic matter growth. 

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